Network Development & Management

You need to take full advantage of your network to connect, captivate, and capitalize. Our industry-leading Professional Services provides the most comprehensive network planning, design, optimization, modification and applications support services in the market. We support multi-vendor networks with a full range of end-to-end services along with consultative expertise.

The advancements in the wireless industry and network capabilities lead carriers to invest in their infrastructure. Vertical-One help the carriers overcome challenges in the development process from construction, wireless deployment, and navigate issues with local jurisdictions.


Macro Installations, New Co-Locations, New Site Development, Ground Up Construction


Cell Site Upgrades, Cell Site modifications


Small Cell Deployment


Fiber Installations, OSP, Fiber Testing, Boring


Site Commissioning/Decommissioning


Trouble-shooting Antennas and RF Cables

Vertical can perform single site modifications /installations as well as regional market deployments ranging from one to multiple cities. Our focus is primarily and upgrading existing cell sites (macro) and also new Small Cell construction.

We have dedicated / highly qualified crews of technicians for aerial and tower as well civil crews and electrical personell.

  • Foundation, Civil & Structural Work
  • PIM Testing & coax sweeps and MEG testing
  • Equipment shelters & electrical services
  • T-1 Testing/ CAT 5 Install

Site Inspection

Vertical 1 Communications provides wireless tower site inspections and repair services. 


Complete Site Inspections on Rooftops and all types of Guyed and Self-support Towers and Poles


Third Party Vendor Inspections


Line of Site Studies / Drone Studies

Cell Site Maintenance

Downtime is not an option if you want to capitalize on network opportunities. That’s why Vertical’s services are designed to optimize network performance and ensure your customers always stay connected. What’s more, the services help you maximize infrastructure investment while also reducing total cost of ownership. Vertical provides wireless tower site maintenance, tower troubleshooting and lighting services. We provide on-call emergency repair and maintenance services, whether you need us 24×7 or 8×5.


Field Maintenance - Field intervention dispatched on request of the Customer NOC/Customer Support Center after remote diagnosis.


Pre-emptive Maintenance and Site Inspections


Site Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance


Irrigation & Drainage




Tower Lighting & Lighting System Troubleshooting

Our maintenance department also includes several experienced tower light troubleshooting technicians. Our techs are Flash® certified, and work 7 days a week to provide the quickest turnaround time. Our maintenance trucks are stocked with frequently used parts from every major manufacturer of lighting equipment.

our process

With our extensive knowledge and background in the telecommunications industry, our team is highly qualified to handle services in new tower site construction, tower erections, site auditing, site upgrades, modifications, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Our company puts forth the effort to prioritize the safety of every worker and extensively educate everyone with classroom and hands-on training.


Find out why our work is the best in the industry. We only use the highest quality materials that from experience have provided the best results for our clients and in our projects.


All of our technicians comply with the highest standards of safety provided by OSHA and other safety organizations. Each individual tech is constantly tested on safety procedures.


One of our priorities is making sure our technicians on the field and in the office are trained to tackle any situation based on our extensive training scenarios. Techs are trained by our in house LMS.

Customer Satisfaction

Every partnership we make and every project we tackle is always done with a customer satisfaction as our priority. We make sure to get the job done going above and beyond and always rising to the occasion.


We provide our services across Texas, New Mexico & Arizona.